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Inspire. Create. Art.
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":damphyr:Let your imagination fly to a brighter day, another world:damphyr:"


---------Your art = :iconyukkowhoaniplz: = my inspiration---------



Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi, I go by Jelle on here. c:
Ahah, cough//I may not be the best in drawing, but I enjoy drawing art for the joy of it and hope to improve along with everyone else on here.

Tumblr: jellechu
Youtube: jellechu/omoitan
Instagram: jellechu

Email me for commissions:

CrystalSugarStars made this for me ;u; -> :iconpervyjellechuplz:
The lovely Chiiteru commissioned someone to make this for me ;u; ->:C2: The-Crystal-Kitty by SayuriUzumaki
The kind hazelnutbread made this for me ;u; -> Tubby Hammie by hazelnutbread
THE FANTA-STICK BOBO Droxi / magericken aisu and haru by Droxi <- made this Haru/Aisu OC pic


Self Portrait by Jellechu
Self Portrait
I took time to just draw myself because yesterday during a meeting we were asked to close our eyes & think of the first 3 things that popped our my heads after hearing the topic: "I love ______". I instantly thought: "Family, friends... anime (LOL.. I can't believe anime came 3rd in my mind)

Afterwards, they asked: "If you were to list what you love... when would you put "yourself" down? I found that to be really interesting..

Cause I did not even think about myself...

After being separated into small groups, we were asked "What stresses you out the most?"

I didn't realize I would end up breaking out in tears while answering the question. I'm just so scared of disappointing my family for my choices. I'm constantly doubting my capabilities... Honestly.. I think as I grow older I feel smaller as a person. It's easy to feel insignificant & lost. Lately I have not been mentally taking care of myself. And since it's February, the month of love... I made it a goal to start taking care of myself more & loving the person I am today, regardless of what I fear I'll become in the future.

2015 Art Summary by Jellechu
2015 Art Summary
A summary of the art I made in 2015.
Through each drawing, there are so many different memories attached & those memories are incredibly precious to me.
Goodbye 2015. <3

Feel free to give me constructive criticism! It'll help me build more goals to improve as an artist c:
Examples of questions:
* What do you like most about my art?
* What do I need to work on/ what do you dislike?
Jung Yong Hwa (Portrait Attempt) by Jellechu
Jung Yong Hwa (Portrait Attempt)
I'm practicing making "realistic" portraits..

so far I have a long way to go in making accurate ones...

// definitely does not have the same facial features as the musician/actor, Jung Yong Hwa.
I'm opening up commissions again ( :
Message me or email me at if you're interested! ( :
Prices range from $1 to $30 ~ via paypal
  • Listening to: Fine on the Outside - Priscilla Ahn
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: korean movies
  • Playing: piano
  • Eating: tomato soup and tortilla chips
  • Drinking: water

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